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The Catholic Family Men Story:

As a Catholic husband and father, I understood the importance of my vocation, but in the midst of everything else, I found it difficult to stay intentional about advancing in it, and once intentional it was a challenge to find a good and effective Catholic resource that was focused specifically on building up husbands and fathers. So I started my own study of holy husbands and fathers who have been recognized as Saints, Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God. I searched their lives for good spousal and fatherly examples that I could apply to my own. I wanted to share what I was discovering with other Catholic husbands and fathers and Catholic Family Men was born.

From 2015-2016, I posted a good example from a saintly husband/father every two weeks with some ideas for practical application. I eventually compiled all 26 examples into an ebook entitled Top Seven Decisions of Saintly Husbands and Fathers: A 52-Week Challenge Toward Becoming the Man God Made You to Be.

In October 2016, I began a new series featuring Catholic husbands and fathers, still in the midst of their earthly vocations, each sharing his #1 lesson for husbands and fathers in Christ based on what he has learned so far. The series is ongoing.

Founder/Director: Jim Havens
19 years ago I opened my heart in sincere prayer one evening and experienced a true encounter with Jesus, and then with His mother Mary. It began a search for truth which eventually led me back into the Sacramental life of the Catholic Church three years later. Striving to seek God’s will above my own, I started on a path of grace that led me to Franciscan University for three years (M.A. Theology and Christian Ministry) and then to subsequent apostolic work for the past 12 years.

I answered God’s call to marry my best friend Rebecca in 2008. We have five children on earth: Theresa (8), Faustina (7), Francisco (5), Augustine (2), and Isaac (5 months). We also have two children in Heaven due to miscarriage: Mariam Joseph (2013) and Jude (2014).

God has done and continues to do amazing things in my life. My conversion to a life fully alive in Christ is an ongoing reality, struggle, and an every day decision. It is both an awesome gift and a challenging responsibility. I desire to be the best husband and father that I can possibly be (my primary vocation) and, while I am grateful for the insights God has already given me, I know I have volumes more to learn. This has led to the creation of Catholic Family Men.

“As Founder/Director of Catholic Family Men, I consecrate every effort herein to Jesus through Mary and Joseph. All submit all content to be in agreement with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which is ‘a sure norm for teaching the faith and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion (Fidei Depositum, IV. St. John Paul the Great).’ I begin Catholic Family Men by God’s grace on March 19, 2015 (The Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary).”