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A good example from Blessed Laszlo (Ladislaus) Batthyany-Strattmann: 

(This is part two on Blessed Laszlo – to read part one, which includes a brief biographical sketch, click here.)

Blessed Laszlo was hands-on in the formation of his children. His dedication to their spiritual growth was rooted in the conviction that there was nothing more precious that he could foster in his children than a contemplative spirit that treasured Jesus and His Catholic Church. “The whole family took part in Holy Mass every day. After Mass Ladislaus would give the children a catechism lesson and assign to each one a concrete act of charity for that day. Every evening after they prayed the Rosary they would review the day and the assigned act of charity.” (from the Vatican website)

Blessed Laszlo was whole-heartedly engaged in the responsibility of every parent to be the primary educator in the Faith for his or her children. He did not look to outsource this essential component of evangelization known as catechesis, but rather applied himself to it as a top priority. Handing on the Faith was not merely one more thing to be done on his parental to-do list, it was a way of life that permeated the entire life of the family.

How will I apply this? (The Challenge):

Step 1: I will pray over the daily rhythm that Blessed Laszlo provided for his family (Mass, catechetical lesson, assign a concrete act of charity to each child, evening Rosary, review the day and the assigned act of charity), assess where I currently am in providing the primary catechesis my children need, and discern what is the next step for adjusting the rhythm of our family life to this end.

Step 2: I will talk to the entire family about this, build consensus around the best resolution, and seek to move forward together.

Some possible results:

  • I may become more aware of the good ways I am already engaged as the primary educator in the Faith for my children – increasing my gratitude for what God is already doing in me.
  • I may become more aware of the ways I am falling short as the primary educator in the Faith for my children – freeing me from complacency and igniting a new desire to advance in this area.
  • The entire family may receive the blessing of finding the next step forward – uniting us more fully in mission and action.

Blessed Laszlo, pray for us!