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A good example from Blessed John Colombini:

Blessed John Colombini was a wealthy business man with a wife and two children. Before the age of 50, he was greedy for material gain, focused on worldly ambition, and prone to anger. Blessed John’s conversion began in his 50th year, the result of a seemingly ordinary interaction with his wife Biagia.

One day, John was waiting for his lunch, which his wife was preparing for him as usual. When food was not on the table at the proper time, John’s impatience swelled into a passionate outburst. In response, his wife gave him the biography of Saint Mary of Egypt to read. He did so and the book had a deeply profound impact on John.

Blessed John began to see things very differently. His ambition and anger yielded to an incredible humility and meekness. John began sharing his wealth with the poor, taking up works of mercy, and spending more and more time in prayer.

Blessed John Colombini’s conversion to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church continued to progress in remarkable ways throughout his life. It all began with a holy book given to him by his wife.

How will I apply this? (The Challenge):

Step 1: I will ask my wife to recommend to me the life of a saint whom she believes would be particularly helpful to me.

Step 2: I will prayerfully read a good biography of the saint she recommends (Here are two good sources: TAN Books,  Ignatius Press).

Some possible results:

  • I may receive a gift of conversion from the Holy Spirit – helping me to advance in becoming the man I was made to be.
  • I may find a new friend interceding for me in Heaven – giving me a greater sense of community with the Church Triumphant.
  • I may experience a new grace of humility and meekness – further seeing and rejecting the ancient foe of pride in my daily life.

Blessed John Colombini, pray for us!